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TOTJ’s #FriFotos for twitter

#frifoto collage

#frifotos – Welsh Cakes are my #goodthings

My #goodthings for this week’s# FriFotos are Welsh cakes.  They are bound up with happy memories of my Welsh Nana who would come to stay with a big biscuit tin full, “look”, she’d say lifting the lid to reveal, layers of golden, currant speckled cakes wrapped in greaseproof paper, “I’ve baked some cakes”. She showed me how to make them measuring in handfuls, flour, sugar, currants about so much fat, egg and milk to bind, nothing exact more a sense, hopeless to try and write down.  They were baked on…

#frifotos – Electric Transport Old & New in Porto

Electric Trams and Trains: in Porto, Portugal you can ride on old and new electric transport. A post for #Frifotos on the theme of Electric

#frifotos – Views ( Rooms with a View)

I made this post for a previous FriFotos theme of Views which turns out to be still more appropriate now the topic is A Room with A View, so here again… Rooms With Views

#frifotos – the Curves of Viking Ships

A wolf whistle carried across the water. I turned. “Just admiring that lovely stern”, called the passing sailor. I should explain, the family boat is built like a Viking Ship, not a straight line in her. She gets many a compliment for her curvy lines. If you have a suspectibility to such curves you should journey to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. They build wooden ships from the past here, steaming and bending planks into shapes familiar to our forebears. There’s strength in a curve. To guide them…

#frifoto – White

This week’s #FriFotos theme of white has proved rather thought provoking.  I started as usual, running over our actual white photos in my mind, white animals, flowers, whitewashed buildings, then started thinking of the cultural associations and symbolism attached to white  – peace, purity, enlightenment, good, death …. Well perhaps a photo montage idea for another time, for now I’ll watch out and hope others have offerings of white doves, white roses (for Yorkshire), the Taj Mahal, the White Nile, White Sea, Mont Blanc and white knights. I decided to…

#frifoto – Windows

A few windows from Europe – can you guess where? Answers here