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Brugge / Bruges

Street Houses Bruges Belgium

Stepped gables and attractive facades – street houses in Bruges



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Discover Brugge on a Photo Tour

Brugge is very pretty, really photogenic people told me hearing I was planning a visit to the beautifully preserved Medieval town in Belgium – adding, don’t forget your camera. It started me thinking about photo tours as a way of discovering a place. Walking a city with someone who knew it in all light and weather, who could show you the angles, prompt you to look again, tell you a little of its history and especially, give some friendly advice on how to get the best out of your camera so you return home with shots to treasure – what better way to come to know a place?

Historium Brugge – a visit to Medieval Bruges

Painter Van Eyck at work   Walking the streets of Bruges you can almost imagine yourself back in the Middle Ages; there are cobbles underfoot, canals crossed by arched stone bridges, here and there pointed Gothic buildings, like the City Hall, still in regular use.  Church bells too, ringing out the rhythm of the day as they have for centuries. But what of the people who lived then and the feelings of those times? What was it like? To find out I headed for Historium Brugge, a new attraction that…

In Bruges on the trail of Nicholas

I was in Bruges with my mum and sister on the trail of Nicholas, who used to be Claes and who answered to the Milanese as Niccolo. Should you be a fan of Dorothy Dunnett novels all will be clear, if not, let me explain . . .   Nicholas is the hero of Dunnett’s House of Niccolo series which opens in Bruges in the early 1460’s.  The city is alive and prosperous, a centre of Medieval trade frequented by merchants from Italy, Spain, Scotland, England and further afield still….