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What to Do and See in Valencia

Photos and suggestions of things to see and do in Valencia, Spain

The Old City at Night

Valencia takes on another life as darkness falls The lights come on friends, families and lovers stroll the streets there are even some guided tours still in full swing. Restaurants fill with diners, waiters dash to and fro around pavement tables. To capture something of the atmosphere of the old city at night, unencumbered by a large camera or tripod, I’m carrying a compact camera with an enhanced light sensitive chip.  These are the results shooting hand held with shutter speeds between 1/15 &1/80 of a second. Photography ©Ian Dalgleish

Lonja de la Seda – Silk Exchange – Valencia

Two bright shafts of light fall across the marble floor between rows of slender columns I’m standing in the trading hall of the Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange) in Valencia where traders would gather from around the Mediterranean to do business. It’s an elegant, airy building; a testament to Valencia’s wealth and power as a trading city in the late Middle Ages. Naturally you look up, following the rope-like pillars to the heights of the vaulted ceiling above. The importance of the institution encouraged symbolism, the hall representing paradise…