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#frifoto – White

Seven Sisters_Chalk Downs Sussex UK

This week’s #FriFotos theme of white has proved rather thought provoking.  I started as usual, running over our actual white photos in my mind, white animals, flowers, whitewashed buildings, then started thinking of the cultural associations and symbolism attached to white  – peace, purity, enlightenment, good, death …. Well perhaps a photo montage idea for another time, for now I’ll watch out and hope others have offerings of white doves, white roses (for Yorkshire), the Taj Mahal, the White Nile, White Sea, Mont Blanc and white knights.

I decided to plump for white cliffs, not the White Cliffs of Dover of Vera Lynn’s Second World War song fame but The Seven Sisters in East Sussex a bit further to the west which to me are more majestic and one of the iconic sights on Britain’s coast.  They make a fine walk too.

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