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Sailing Holidays On Bessie Ellen

Pics of Bessie Ellen sailing blue seas accompanied by pilot whales in the Canary Islands while we gaze out on a grey, soggy, windswept vista have been making  us just a little green with envy. Soon as the days lengthen Bessie Ellen and her crew will be returning northwards to spend the summer sailing in higher latitudes. Their route home will take them via Portugal and the Iberian Peninsular.

This summer Bessie Ellen will be spending time on the Cornish coast with a series of short day sails around Mounts Bay and a couple of 3 day taster cruises exploring the Fal and Helford esturies planned alongside a week long coastal cruise. (Having spent some time messing about in boats around the Fal and Helford I’d thoroughly recommend a cruise around here for for learning the ropes.)  And then in May and August you’ll find Bessie Ellen in the beautiful cruising grounds of the west coast of Scotland and the Western Isles anchoring in sea lochs and idyllic bays.

Especially, there are a couple of cruises planned to take in St Kilda if weather allows. Lying 40 miles to the west of of the Outer Hebrides the archipelago of islands are home to Europe’s most important sea bird colony, so definitely a trip of a lifetime in the offing for adventurous birdwatchers.

Though if you appreciate a good malt whisky, you’ll want to make sure of a place on Bessie’s cruise taking in the Islay Festivalof Music and Malt  in May when understanding the malts of Ardbeg, Bunnahabain and Lagavuilin is the mission.

The Celtic theme continues in Brest  where Bessie Ellen will be taking part in the 2016 Brest Maritime Festival of the Sea. Besie herself will beotherwise engaged  at the Brest and Douarnenz Festivals but there’s the opportunity to sail from Falmouth to Brest and then back from Douarnenez. For anyone who goes misty eyed at the sight of traditional sailing vessels and likes a good party with plenty of singing these festivals are not to be missed and how better to get there?

Something then for everyone who wants to experience sailing on this lovely, wooden 2, masted ketch from day sails and 3 day taster trips to longer cruises and mile building passages. Prices vary depending on length and nature of trip; as a guide think around £300 for 3 night taster cruise, £1125 for 9/10 night Western Isle / Hebridean Island cruises. Day sails are £60 per adult, £40 per child.

P.S. And a word of warning – watch the video of Nikki talking about sailing on Bessie Ellen and she’ll have you signed on.

For voyage dates and prices see Bessie Ellen’s website here

Bessie Ellen Video

Nikki Alford, Bessie’s owner gets very animated talking about all the good things that come out of sailing trip adventures; friendships, the sense of acheivement, being close to nature. Growing up on a west country farm Nikki’s also passionate about good food; shopping in local markets, enjoying fresh fish straight from the fishing boats are all part of the experience of sailing on Bessie Ellen. Here’s Nikki to tell you about it ………

The Bessie Ellen Experience

Steve Cogdell joined Bessie Ellen for a week’s sailing trip around the Canaries, he gave us a taste of cruising these waters -

I found Bessie Ellen on the quay in Santa Cruz, the main port and capital of Tenerife. That first day we had time to go off and explore the city. Then we sailed south for the island of Gomera. Bessie is a big ship, around 84ft on deck so there’s plenty of room for guests and lounging around on deck. You can take part in sailing and working the ship if you want, try your hand at steering a steady course

Bessie Ellen Enquiries

Feeling the deck rising under your feet ?

Click on the image to see Bessie Ellen’s sailing programme and if you would like to find out more about the availability and price of sailing holidays there’s a form to send an enquiry to the ship’s agent.