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#frifotos – the Curves of Viking Ships

Showing her stern - Svenska ll

A wolf whistle carried across the water.
I turned.
“Just admiring that lovely stern”, called the passing sailor.

I should explain, the family boat is built like a Viking Ship, not a straight line in her. She gets many a compliment for her curvy lines.

If you have a suspectibility to such curves you should journey to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. They build wooden ships from the past here, steaming and bending planks into shapes familiar to our forebears. There’s strength in a curve.

To guide them boatbuilders have five Viking Ships that sailed in the 11th century.  These were unsettled times and it is thought the Skuldelev Ships, as they are known, were scuttled across a channel in the Roskilde Fjord as a blockade against sea born raiders. In 1962 they were raised from the mud, the surviving timbers preserved and the ships painstakingly pieced together to bring to light those Viking curves.
Roskilde Viking Ship Museum, Denmark
Here’s a link to the Viking Ship Museum website

Has your head been turned by a fair curve?  Ever fallen in love with a curvy boat – we’ll understand.

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