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Sheep on the hills near Bridport, Dorset

Sheep on the hills near Bridport, Dorset

Dorset in Spring

This is Dorset in Spring   At this time of year stepping out on one of our regular walks over the West Dorset hills  it’s hard to imagine a more bucolic setting with signs of new life and a sense of orderliness and tranquility. Cheery yellow celandines, a sign that Spring is here,  line the path that take us up the hill. The hard work of climbing done we follow the ridge looking down on this valley tucked in behind the cliffs of the Jurassic Coast.  There are lambs in…

Eggardon Hill Fort – Dorset

Eggardon Hill Fort is a place we like to go when we want to stride along in the open with a good view. It’s usually quiet and often breezy – sometimes in the winter we have to fight to stand up in the wind – a good spot for kite flying. I always marvel at the amount of work that went in to the construction of these sloping ramparts and wonder what is was like for the Iron Age people who lived here . Did they look out over dark,…

A Walk in Dorset Around the Valley of Stones for the Ramblers Big Pathwatch

Last week in autumnal sunshine Ian and I walked the footpaths of our adopted square kilometre for the Ramblers Big Pathwatch survey The aim of the campaign is to build the most comprehensive picture yet of the more than 140,000 miles of public footpaths that criss cross England and Wales so that they can be improved and protected.  Our footpaths are something I’ve come to treasure both for the connection they give to the land and for getting out and keeping fit –  for me they are very much part…