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The Bessie Ellen Experience

Bessie Ellen Canaries Compilation Image

“Indeed an unforgettable sailing trip”
Audrey Aquilina

Steve Cogdell joined Bessie Ellen for a week’s sailing trip around the Canaries, he gave us a taste of cruising these waters.

I found Bessie Ellen on the quay in Santa Cruz, the main port and capital of Tenerife. That first day we had time to go off and explore the city. Then we sailed south for the island of Gomera. Bessie is a big ship, around 84ft on deck so there’s plenty of room for guests and lounging around on deck. You can take part in sailing and working the ship if you want, try your hand at steering a steady course, or join in the all important task of scrubbing the wooden decks – it keeps them from drying out and leaking. After a night in the pretty harbour on Gomera we headed for La Palma further to the west. This stretch of water between the western most islands and Tenerife is a good place to see whales and dolphins and we weren’t disapointed, spotting both. La Palma is very green and has a rich Spanish naval and trading history, particularly interesting and apt as we’re visiting on a ship that knows all about carrying cargoes. We stayed for two days and explored the island, a coach taking us up to the extinct volcano in the National Park area. Then it was back to Tenerife, where we anchored off a lovely sandy beach to swim. Must mention the food – Nikki is a very good cook and you can buy wine and other drinks at the local cost price. Finally, another night in Santa Cruz for some shopping and a farewell meal ashore with new found companions.

Photos courtesy Steve Cogdell, Audrey Aquilina & Dan Robinson

You can see more of the trip in Steve’s YouTube video

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