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Bessie Ellen Video

If you are lured by the thought of exploring new places under sail, but not quite certain of what to expect,  you might be wondering: Am I the sort of person that goes on a traditional ship sailing holiday?    How close do you get to wildlife?  Will I get to take part in sailing the ship? (The answer to that  is yes, but equally you can sit back and be a passenger.)

In the video shot aboard Bessie Ellen, her owner Nikki Alford talks about Bessie Ellen’s life as a former West Country trading vessel and gives an insight into the kind of experiences that await if you join the crew for a sailing trip on this friendly wooden ship.

Have a look at Bessie Ellen’s website to find out more about sailing on her and see her schedule.

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  1. David Stanley permalink

    Dear Bessie, love the ship, love the sea, regards, retired old salt, keep up the good work keeping these old ships sailing, regards David

  2. Charlie Terry permalink

    I love this sort of holiday, sailing a tall ship. I have been lucky enough to sail in four beautiful vessels over the years and am hungry for more. Bessie sounds wonderful and I would love to be kept in the loop, please
    Regards and bon voyage!

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