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Les aiguilles de Bavella from the GR20, Corsica

Les aiguilles de Bavella from the GR20, Corsica

Inspired by the scenery above ? Planning to walk all or part of the GR20 ? Then this article about walking the GR20 from Calenzana to Conca is for you.


Both old and new: Berlin’s history and exciting modern outlook are encapsulated in the bullet marked Reichstag building crowned with it’s contemporary Norman Foster designed glass cupola. Find a hotel in Berlin Getting there with airberlin

Driving Tour in Green Spain

From beaches to mountains this lovely part of northern Spain encompassing Cantabria and eastern Asturias is a treasure  trove of landscapes full of winding scenic roads and, surprisingly near at hand. Getting there with Brittany Ferries

Sailing Holidays On Bessie Ellen

Greetings from Bessie Ellen’s owner Nikki Alford, swimming and drinking Pina Colada under a hot Canary Island sun while we shivered in temperatures around freezing this last winter made us just a little green with envy. Now as the days lengthen Bessie Ellen and her crew are returning northwards to spend the summer sailing in higher latitudes. Their route home will take them via the lush green islands of the Azores, long a strategic staging post for sailors on ocean passages. This summer Bessie Ellen will be devoting more time…

Diary of a River Danube Cruise

Follow myself and husband Ian (he’s the photographer) as we cruise along the Danube from Nüremburg to Budapest. Rivers fascinate me; they are the arteries of history, the lifeblood and reason for existence of the cities along their route. This is our first river cruise – we chose the Danube as one of the great European rivers and besides it’s romantic. I know the history and scenery will be rich, of the on board ship life I am not sure what to expect but I’m looking forward to the experience.

Cruise in Style on a Classic Yacht

Two years ago we walked into cruising section at the travel show in Berlin to find ourselves looking at a display of photos showing a rather elegant yacht, sleek and long, the very epitomy of stylish sailing.  Having a weakness for such craft we stopped to find out more and got chatting to Barbara Narr, Sales Manager for Sailing-Classics,  who told us the story behind Kairós She is the vision of Andreas Steidle-Sailer.   From childhood, as he admits, he was lost to the sailing bug, racing Olympic class Finn dinghies…

Sailing Holidays on Annabel J

Experience the sea as our forefathers did in what is probably one of the finest designs to come out of the working sail boat tradition. The Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter was developed to carry ship’s pilots out into the wilds of the Western approaches, sit comfortably in big seas to wait for inbound ships then be capable of make good speed, to be the first in the race to secure the job of piloting the ship safely into port – this was not just an arduous business but also a…