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Railway Bridge over frozen Daugava River, Riga, Latvia

Rail bridge over the Frozen River Daugava, Riga

These last weeks I’ve been enjoying scenes on the web from snowy places north, cool, blue hued, white landscapes from lands where minus temperatures, snow and ice are the norm at this time of year. There’s a fairy tale quality and sense of stillness in the photos.

Our own winter wonderland experience took us to Riga in Latvia – we landed in the dark through snow with snowflakes catching the plane’s light streaking past the window and woke the next morning to find the Daugava river frozen – magical!


Please do have a look around the Journal for some travel ideas – for starters below something active, a little culture and a road trip.

Hiking the GR20 in Corsica

The GR20 in Corsica is widely regarded as the most scenic and rugged of Europe’s long distance trails. Originally conceived by mountineer, Michel Fabrickant in the 1970′s the route runs diagonally north to south traversing Corsica’s mountinous interior. In all the distance is about 180km. Early this year we joined Ian’s sister, Anne and brother-in-law, Terry to walk the southern section of the trail from Vivazzona to Conca – they walked the entire trail from Calenzana to Conca. Check out Anne’s account of their GR20 walk which includes useful info…

Brugge / Bruges

Brugge is very pretty, really photogenic people told me hearing I was planning a visit to the beautifully preserved Medieval town in Belgium – adding, don’t forget your camera. It started me thinking about photo tours as a way of discovering a place. Walking a city with someone who knew it in all light and weather, who could show you the angles, prompt you to look again, tell you a little of its history and especially, give some friendly advice on how to get the best out of your camera so you return home with shots to treasure – what better way to come to know a place?

Driving Tour in Green Spain

From beaches to mountains this lovely part of northern Spain encompassing Cantabria and eastern Asturias is a treasure trove of landscapes full of winding scenic roads and, surprisingly near at hand.