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Submitting Travel Articles

Contributing to Grape Harvest

We welcome inquiries about submitting travel articles to The Online Travel Journal and like to hear ideas for  features from writers, artists and photographers, indeed anyone who has a place or a journey they would like to convey in a visual and imaginative style.

It could be an idea for a Postcard from – we want them to reflect the character and atmosphere of the place – it could be an exploration of a landscape or the story of a journey or travel experience.  A sense of people and place is the key.

At the moment we don’t pay for travel features but if we like the idea, we’ll work with you to create something special.  We credit all contributors and will include a link back to your website alongside the article.  If you like, we will include a short bio too with a pic of yourself.

Features are also promoted through social media channels.

Do get in touch,
Diane … the editor

on Twitter @totjeditor