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Arriving in Santander

Approaching Santander aboard Pont-Aven

Awoke on Thursday morning to find the Pont-Aven steaming steadily for Santander, the weather warm, fair weather clouds above and just enough swell to feel jauntily at sea.

I have never seen a whale for real and hoped to catch my first glimpse of one of these great creatures on this trip. The southern part of the Bay of Biscay is said to be best for sightings Рtime then, to find a good vantage spot and settle down to scan the seas. Making regular crossings of the Biscay, the Pont-Aven and her fleetmate Cap Finnist̬re are well placed to act as viewing platforms so it was good to learn Brittany Ferries play their part supporting the charity ORCA in its research work in the Bay and promoting whalewatching cruises with Planet Whale.

Sadly no whales to be seen this morning, but later we watched from the top deck as we approached the Spanish coast and entered the Santander estuary. It is a marvellous view of golden beaches and rocky headlands, crowned by the Picos Mountains behind – a taste of things to come.