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San Francisco


Our designer likes to travel light, a rucksack cabin luggage size only a smart phone for internet and email communications and navigation. So as he was heading for the door, off on a fact finding misssion to San Francisco I handed him the Samsung WB2000 and said, “I’m sure you can squeeze it in, if you get a chance for a bit of sightseeing see what you can do”.

Enjoy his take on this fascinating American West Coast city.

On his return he commented that for a small camera the WB2000 was pretty versatile. The wide angle lens (equivalent to a 24-120mm lens) met with his approval for its graphic potential shooting architecture – “It was good for framing buildings in the narrow streets and the backlight mode too was useful for dealing with the tricky light you get in cities”. Not knowing the camera he largely stuck to the automatic settings and I agree with him that they make a good job of getting it right.

And on San Francisco – “Certainly worth visiting, compact and very atmospheric in the fog with the sound of the ship horns in the bay”.

Ian – The Online Travel Journal’s chief photographer