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The 3-masted Barque Kaskelot

The 3-masted Barque  Kaskelot

The flagship of the fleet is one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission.
Built in 1948 for the Royal Greenland Trading Company supplying the remote East Greenland
coastal settlements and subsequently as a fisheries support vessel in The Faroes.

Square Sail purchased the vessel in 1981 and totally redesigned and re-rigged her,
transforming the ship into the 3-masted Barque she is today.

The 3-masted Barque

Her film credits include:

‘Last Place on Earth’
‘Cutthroat Island’
‘Swept from the Sea’
‘Return to Treasure Island’
‘The Three Musketeers’
‘David Copperfield’
‘A Respectable Trade’

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