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Day 7- Budapest

The week seems to have flown by, here we are already in Budapest moored on the Pest side right next to the iconic Chain Bridge.

Budapest feels different west mixed with east, a city in the process of rebuilding and regenerating itself. ¬†Our guide today for the bus tour of the sights turned out to be most refreshing: we had the history mixed with insights into life during the Soviet, comments on Trabant cars, “like another child in the family, only you had to wait four years for it to arrive”, the
state of the buildings …

This afternoon we’ve been doing our own thing, the Christmas market is up and running, it’s a good one, lively with lots of stalls selling genuine craft items. ¬†Talking with fellow passengers over tea we all felt Budapest was an interesting city with much to explore – and those of us staying on for a few days looking forward to seeing more

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