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Rhine Cruise Map

We’ve put Heather Cowper’s Rhine Cruise on the map, click on the white dots to discover the sort of itinerary you might expect cruising this legendary European river. You can read her full diary, day by day here.

Rhine River Cruise Routes
Although Heather’s cruise with Lueftner Cruises ended in Cologne, the Amadeus Princess continued to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This route (usually 8 days) from Basel in Switzerland to Amsterdam or vice versa is offered by a number of cruise companies. The stops and side trips vary slightly, but will almost certainly include, Strasbourg, Cologne and in the Middle Rhine section Koblenz and Rüdesheim. There are also shorter cruises of 3, 4 or 5 days concentrating on the picturesque Rhine Valley.

Read more about Heather’s Rhine Cruise at
In All aboard the Amadeus Princess – what to expect on your river cruise ship – video Heather takes you on a tour of the river ship.

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